Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Women’s Rights

Women and men are different. In fact it’s one of the best things about our world. You may want to wake up next to Brad Pitt in the morning but I for one don’t. So if you accept that we are two different sides to the same coin, why try to make us equal when we are not. Don’t get me wrong, if a woman and a man do the same job, they should have the same rights and the same pay and I’ll argue with anyone who says different. Just don’t change the rules of what the job is depending upon a person’s sex. If I want to be a fireman I have to be able to run up and down ladders carrying hoses and people. If I want to be a firewoman I don’t. In the main, men are stronger than women and all the positive discrimination laws in the world won’t change that, end of story.

Then of course you have all the argy-bargy about women having babies and their husbands should stay at home and look after them. We’ve already established that men and women are different and that goes down to the hormone level. I’m afraid I’ve never had the drive to swell up and give birth (it’s a beer belly) but I’m glad my wife did. The funny thing about hormones is that they have been put there by millions of years of evolution for a purpose and one of the things they do is make a new mother want to be with their child. If she doesn’t, fair enough but I’m sure the majority do. And all the short-haired butch lesbians in the world won’t change that.

Gay Rights
Now I’m not going to say gays and lesbians don't have rights. Of course they do, they are people and should be allowed to live their life anyway they want without prejudice
. As an aside, men’s bottoms hold no fascination for me but I have been a practicing lesbian all my life.
But I do have a problem when it comes to children and homosexuality. I can’t for the life of me understand how a lesbian can get the government to fund artificial insemination just because she doesn’t like lumps in her partner’s underwear. Excuse me but I pay taxes to help this? Billions of women have found the best way to have children is the bouncy game and it is free. Your mother played it and that’s how you got here, if that isn’t good enough for you don’t bother.
And why do we help fund all the in-vitro stuff for mature women who are past their eggs’ sell-by date? If they wanted a career before kids, how has it changed now they’ve got a couple of bob? Tough titty, stay rich and lonely in your old age, nature gave you your shot and you wanted a new settee instead.
Oh and shouldn’t there only be one term for homosexuals in this politically correct world, doesn’t using gay and lesbian indicate an inequality between them?

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