Thursday, October 16, 2008

Political Correctness

Do-gooder-ness has gone berserk and is destroying all the fun in the world. One of my favourite old jokes used to be:
Q. “What have women and roads got in common?”
A. “Man-holes”.
Doesn’t have the same impact now they are person access points.*
Political correctness is making everything bland and in the end we’ll have no characteristics to identify one part of the world from the next. If you don’t like being called “mate”, don’t whinge about getting no respect from the locals, just don’t bother your arse coming to Australia and stay back in Blandsville where you come from. Don’t pull up some Lancashire lass for calling you “love” or ducks”, stick to the docklands in London where you can pretend you are more important than everyone else. Disrespect isn’t in the words used it’s in the tone. If an Aussie calls you an old bastard he’s probably being nice, if you take offence he’s probably right.

*Having said that, I suppose it could be “What do women, gays and roads have in common?” “Person access points”

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