Friday, October 17, 2008


Because the TV is so crap, we tend to watch DVDs when we decide to blob out and become couch potatoes. Initially I though DVDs were wonderful things because you didn’t have to fast forward through twenty minutes of previews before you got to the movie. So now the world is watching DVDs what do they do? Stick previews, warnings about copying and other gumph on at the beginning and disable the menu button so you have to wait five minutes before you can watch what you just paid for. Then to cap it all the menu is Americanised so that it jumps all over the place and shows scenes from the movie so you know what is going to be in it before you even get a chance to start!

And talking about DVDs, where the hell do they get the prices from? They cost about pennies to produce (the newspapers even give away movies with some issues) but they charge $29.95 for a new release! Call me tight but that seems just a wee bit excessive.
One thing I try not to do anymore is rent from the local video shop. Weekly rentals are like a lottery, they may play all the way through or they may not. Flip one over at the counter and check out the scratches some careless dickhead left if you want to see what I mean.
And what to they do to improve on your standard DVD? Bring out an HD DVD! It’s even cheaper to produce because they don’t have to compress the movie as much, so of course they charge even more and the buggers still get greasy fingerprints and scratches! I mean, come on, it is the 21st century so why not have a memory stick or the like? No moving parts, nothing to scratch and a good excuse to make us buy yet another movie player.

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